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Bed Lounge Hypoallergenic Bed Reading and Sleeping Pillow

Price: $164.99
Sale: $152.99
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Bed Lounge Hypoallergenic Bed Reading and Sleeping Pillow - Product Details

Cequal Bed Lounge now available in Hypoallergenic Fill, all synthetic padding model, for those allergic to Down! Trying to relax while suffering from allergies is very difficult. The new Hypoallergenic fill Bed Lounge Reading Pillow allows anyone to snuggle as close as they want to this comfy cozy reading pillow on the floor, bed, couch...put-it-anywhere...for ultimate comfort and back support! Pair your Bed Lounge with a Leg Lounge to complete a perfect support system!

Dimensions: Standard 26"W x 23.5"D x 22"H    Petite 24"W x 21.5"D x 21"H
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Why is BedLounge So Good For You

The Hypoallergenic BedLounge® is built with layer upon layer of foam and soft fiber, and now with the added Hypoallergenic Fill for those allergic to Down. Specifically structured for the part of your body it will support and cradle. Only by hand crafted layering can the exquiste combination of comfort and support be achieved.

  • The BedLounge® is as its name implies a lounger, bed wedge, reading pillows, maternity pillow and pregnancy pillow you can take to bed - or anywhere around the home.
  • The Bedlounge Headrest adjusts up and down as well as rotating to support your head in any position.
  • Adjustable Hypoallergenic Lumbar Posture Pillow is easily positioned to any spot on your lower back.
  • The Ultra Lightweight Internal Frame of the Bed Lounge guarantees correct neck and spinal support for proper relaxed sitting posture. The strong internal frame allows you to set the Bed Lounge at almost any incline angle and use the BedLounge as a Recliner.
  • The Internally Hinged Pivoting Arm Rests support the weight of your upper body reducing strain on your head, neck and shoulders. The "pivoting" feature allows the arms to hug you...with a perfect enveloping fit while sitting...then easily pivot away for access in and out.
  • New Flex Arm adjustable arm rests now on both standard and petite bed wedge models
  • Handy Fabric Ties at the front of the BedLounge allows the arms to be folded for compact storage.
  • Roomy Storage Pockets running the full length of both arms are roomy side pockets perfect for magazines, TV remote, reading glasses etc...
  • Manufacturer offers lifetime warranty on the internal frame and limited one year warranty on all other parts.

Selection of Washable Slipcovers
Easy to remove machine washable slipcovers of 100% cotton and other high-count fabrics in an ever-growing palette of colors.

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