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Body Pillows - Snoozer Full Body Pillow

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Body Pillows - Snoozer Full Body Pillow

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Love your Snoozer and need an extra cover? Our Snoozer replacement cover is just like the original removable & washable cover, for comfort and ease of use.

Body Pillows - Snoozer Full Body Pillow - Product Details

The SNOOZER Full Body Pillow provides the comfort of three pillows in one patented ergonomic and contoured design. This unique shape provides luxurious support for the entire body. It is specifically designed to promote proper spinal alignment by maintaining equal support for your hips and shoulders as you move from one sleeping position to another. This targeted support helps to eliminate nightly tension and improve your muscular relaxation, blood flow, and sustained deep sleep.

Approx 46" L x 12" W; Head & neck portion approx 21" L; Weight: 4 LB.

Now you can promote proper spinal alignment and healthier body circulation while you sleep! The unique, patented SNOOZER® Full Body Pillow is ergonomically designed to follow the natural motions and positions of your body all night long. By providing the support of 3 pillows in 1 design it is just the right answer for those that suffer from arthritis, injuries, pregnancy discomfort, back pain, or sore muscles. The SNOOZER® Full Body Pillow is just the ticket for guaranteeing a good night sleep on a regular basis!

This incredible invention is unlike any other body pillow because its patented candy-cane shape gives your body full mobility and support all night long. It immediately adjusts to your various favorite sleeping positions during the night without effort on your part. The curved top section cradles your head, neck and shoulders, the middle section supports your chest and back, and the bottom section supports your hips and legs without ever shifting. You can literally "snuggle" into the SNOOZER® Full Body Pillow to and get that extra support where you need it most. It is doctor recommended to promote proper spinal alignment which helps to enhance muscular relaxation, promote healthier circulation, and most importantly, allow you a night of quality rest. Can your pillow, or pillows, do this? It promotes the unrestricted body movements that you naturally need during the night. The comfy SNOOZER® Full Body Pillow is 66" long and you're guaranteed to never want to sleep without it again.

Of the various health benefits the Snoozer Full Body Pillow has to offer here are a few:

  • Provides the support of 3 pillows in 1 patented ergonomic design
  • Unique shape follows the natural motions and positions of your body
  • Minimizes pillow repositioning, while cradling your body evenly in all different sleep positions
  • Promotes proper spinal alignment
  • Enhances muscular relaxation
  • Reduces head, neck, and back pain
  • Provides pain relief for arthritis and from knee/back surgery
  • Promotes healthier circulation
  • Designed to improve your sleep quality
  • Provides ideal support during pregnancy
  • Works as an excellent nursing pillow
  • 100% Hypoallergenic
  • Snoozer Full Body Pillow comes with a soft, removable, 100% cotton pillowcase
  • Machine washable
  • 2 year guaranty for sewing craftsmanship and manufacturer defects.

With Snoozer Body Pillow, you can move from one position to another and you are always cradled with comfort. The unique design follows the movements and positions of the body and provides consistent support

We have found this product is ideal for:

  • During pregnancy
  • Chronic back or neck pain
  • The elderly
  • Single people
  • College students
  • Athletes
  • Chiropractic patients
  • Arthritis
  • Injury recovery and rehabilitation

Added Benefits During Pregnancy - The SNOOZER® Full Body Pillow - Goose Down offers added support while resting. Sleeping with this pillow helps shift and support the extra weight of the baby, making it easier and more comfortable to sleep without tossing and turning. Additionally, the Snoozer makes an excellent support while nursing, allowing you to cradle your baby comfortably and help lessen mother's arm, upper torso and lower back strain. Pregnant women can sleep safely and comfortably with the SNOOZER® Pregnancy Pillow & Maternity Pillow.

Every pillow includes a luxurious, 100% Sateen, cotton pillowcase.

Benefits of Snoozer® Body Pillow