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Mini Body Pillow - Snoozer Upper Body Pillow

Mini Body Pillow - Snoozer Upper Body Pillow

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Product Summary
The Mini Body Pillow - SNOOZER Upper Body Pillow provides you the comfort & support of 2 traditional pillows in one ergonomic design. This unique shape can provide targeted support for your head, neck, arms, shoulders, chest, and stomach combined. This level of support cannot be achieved with a traditional pillow simply because it only supports your head and neck. The SNOOZER Upper Body Pillow is ergonomically designed to follow your motions and positions throughout the night. This can provide the support you need to reduce tension in your upper body and improve your overall sleep quality.
Approx 36" long, 14" wide.

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Mini Body Pillow - Snoozer Upper Body Pillow
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Mini Body Pillow - Snoozer Upper Body Pillow - Product Details

During the night, we must move to circulate blood in our body. This is what causes our pillows to shift and what ends up waking us up. So every time we have to reposition a pillow, we must wake up to do so. Does this sound familiar? If you are looking for something better than the "old fashioned" pillow, then this incredible Upper Body Pillow is for you. With Sbiizer Upper Body Pillow, you can promote proper spianl alignment and healthier body circulation while you sleep!

By providing the support of 2 pillows in 1 design it is just the right answer for those that sufer from arthritis, injuries, pregnancy discomforts, back pain, or sore muscles. The patented candy-cane design gives your body full mobility and support all night long. It easily adjusts to to various sleeping positions during the night so you get the support and a more restful sleep.

Of the various health benefits Snoozer Upper Body Pillow has to offer, here are a few:

  • Provides the support of 2 pillows in 1 patented ergonomic design
  • Unique shape follows the natural motions and positions of your body
  • Minimizes pillow repositioning, while cradling your body evenly in all different sleep positions
  • Promotes proper spinal alignment
  • Enhances muscular relaxation
  • Reduces head, neck, and back pain
  • Promotes healthier circulation
  • Designed to improve your sleep quality
  • Provides ideal support during pregnancy
  • Works as an excellent nursing pillow
  • 100% Hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable
  • Filled with 100% Premium Hypoallergenic Synthetic Down
  • You want a body pillow that is 100% hypoallergenic, with a soft removable cotton pillowcase

With Snoozer Body Pillows, you can move from one position to another and you are always cradled with comfort. The unique design follows the movements and positions of the body and provides consistent support

We have found this product is ideal for:

  • During pregnancy
  • Chronic back or neck pain
  • The elderly
  • Single people
  • College students
  • Athletes
  • Chiropractic patients
  • Arthritis
  • Injury recovery and rehabilitation
Benefits of Snoozer® Body Pillow

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