Knee Chair - Kneeling Chairs
Health Benefits to Users

Sitting on a Kneeling Chair puts you in an upright position where your posture automatically improves and adopts the natural s-shape of your spine. This way the gravitational pressure is equally divided over all discs, preventing excessive pressure on the lower part of your spine, thus promoting lower back pain relief.

The Kneeling Chair is a useful ergonomic aid that:

  • Helps keep the spine in its natural "S" alignment
  • Provides an upright posture by distributing weight on knees, feet and buttocks
  • Helps relieve the buttocks from hours of sitting pressure
  • Changes pressure points and improves circulation

The concept of Kneeling Chairs was introduced to the world in the 70's as an innovative ergonomic solution to back pain caused by inappropriate posture. Bad seating was a big part of the problem of back pain sufferers. Prolonged inappropriate posture was the cause to the back pain problems and Kneeling Chair, also called Knee Chair or Posture Chair was the answer!

If you understand how your spine works, it may help you in the important task of correcting and improving your posture and keeping your spine healthy. Discs are gel like bodies which perform a very important role in helping your back work efficiently. One of their principal functions is to act like shock absorbers and insulators between the blocks of bone (or vertebrae) which go to make up your spine. Not only do your discs have to cope with constant pressure, they also absorb shocks, compression and twisting stresses and have to allow limited movement of the spine. The unique features of a Kneeling Chair combine to induce balanced movement, nourish your spinal discs, enhance posture, reduce the pressure on your spinal vertebrae and diaphragm, relieve tension and improve your breathing capacity and alertness, thus producing a genuine sense of poise and equilibrium.