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Leg Lounge

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Leg Lounge Leg Pillow Wedge - Product Details

The Cequal Leg Lounger's high degree of adjustability in positioning and support helps provide maximum sustained leg and knee comfort while resting, sitting, lounging, or just relaxing. Paired with a Bed Lounge, the Leg Lounge completes a perfect support system!

Cequal Leg Lounger leg support is hand built in the same manner as fine furniture, your Leg Lounger has at its core an internal frame. The frame is exceptionally lightweight as it is formed from a hollow cellurar polyethylene. Multiple layers of resilient, supportive foam and fleecy, soft fiber surround the frame. This is how the Leg Lounger provides its remarkable combination of comfort and upport which are literally at your fingertips.

With a simple movement of the soft handles built into the Leg Lounger™, the Leg Lounger's elliptical profile lets you make all the basic adjustments your legs (or knees) desire - from a seated or reclining position. The innovative elliptical shape allows it to be rotated in place. The rotating feature lets you select an almost infinite variety of height settings as you move it through a full 190 degrees of cushioned surface area.

Paired with the Bed Lounger Bed Rest Pillow with Arms, the Leg Lounge completes a perfect support system.