Lafuma Furniture Warranty Policies & Procedures

The product is solely for personal and leisure use. Lafuma will accept no responsibility and provide no limited warranty if it is used for business purposes. To ensure that it is used correctly and safely, the chair must be set up and used as directed.

This Lafuma Product has been designed and manufactured in order to provide maximum satisfaction and safety. It is guaranteed for TWO YEARS against any manufacturing or material defects. This guarantee does not cover business use, improper assembly or set-up, normal wear and tear, accessories, or defects resulting from misuse. Under the terms of this two-year limited warranty, Lafuma will replace, repair, or send replacement parts if a manufacturer’s defect occurs with:

• Welding, frame, hinges, bolts, brackets, fabric, elastic cords, chair feet, foot rests:

If a defect occurs, please contact the retailer where the chair was purchased as they are in the best position to handle your claim. If they refer you to Lafuma directly, please be prepared to provide us with proof of purchase as well as a description of the defect. Depending on the nature of the defect, you may either receive a replacement part or a new chair. If it is believed that a new chair is needed, we will require photographs of the defect to make the final determination. If it is found that the defect is due to manufacturing reasons as stated in our limited warranty policy, then we will ask you to return the defective chair to our warehouse at your cost for shipping, and we will send out a replacement chair free of charge at our expense.

• Rust:

The chairs are made with steel components, and therefore, may rust over time. The chairs are powder coated to help prevent rust, but they are rust resistant not rust proof. Rust is not covered by our limited warranty; therefore, it is important that proper care instructions are followed to help prevent rust from occurring.

• Elastic Laces:

If a recliner is less than 2 years old and the laces break, Lafuma will send replacement laces. If the chair is more than 2 years old, customers can purchase the replacement laces. Please do not return the chair if the laces break as this is an item that can be replaced.


For replacement parts, the Lafuma warranty covers the replacement products themselves, but does not cover shipping. Customers receiving replacement parts will need to provide a credit card at the time the order is placed to cover shipping charges. If it is determined that a replacement chair is needed, then the customer will be responsible for shipping the defective chair back to Lafuma, and Lafuma will cover the cost of the replacement chair as well as the return shipping to the customer.


To get the most out of your furniture for many years to come, be sure to follow these care instructions.

  • All Lafuma canvas can be steam cleaned
  • Batyline canvas may be washed with a high pressure cleaner
  • Regular maintenance just requires use of a brush, soap, and water
  • When replacing the lacing on your Lafuma recliner, replace one side at a time so that you can use the other side as your model
  • Keep the product out of the elements (extended exposure to rain, snow, etc. may result in rust or early wear)
  • In the long run, it is better to limit exposure of the furniture to direct sunlight as direct sunlight may result in the fading of the material as well as decrease the lifespan of the laces
  • To store your furniture at the end of the summer season, put a drop of grease or other hinge lubricant in the joints and cover and store it in a dry area
  • To tighten screws on your recliner use screwdriver bit Torx® T20