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AutoExec Car Desk RoadMaster with Printer Stand


Model: RoadCar-02

Price: $315.00
Sale: $267.75
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Customize Your Desk

1) Add 200 Watt Power Inverter 2) Add Cell Phone Mount 3) Shipping Options

Having a car desk with a secured laptop support system is important if you want a productive work environment in the vehicle. The RoadMaster series was created to help answer this need. The 21" wide top has an adjustable laptop plate so the laptop can be moved to a comfortable, ergonomic position for typing. The laptop plate extends past the edge of the desk by another 3 inches making it 24" of overall reach from the far edge of the desk.

Secure the desk with the seat-belt in your vehicle. Secure the laptop to the plate with the supplied Velcro and security strap. The RoadMaster Series Desk fits most cars, smaller SUV's, and Mini-Vans.

The Printer Stand mounts to the top corner of the AutoExec RoadMaster. The Printer platform measures 7" by 13" and comes with a nylon strop to help secure the printer.

AutoExec Car Desk RoadMaster with Printer Stand - Specifications

  • 15.15"L x 21.25"W X 11"H
  • The laptop plate extends the computer another 3 inches from the edge of the work surface
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Color: Dark grey body with light grey work surface

Take your office with you when you travel with the Auto Exec Car Desks for Laptop! Mobile Professionals throughout the world are enjoying the benefits of an organized and productive workspace in their vehicle.