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AutoExec RoadMaster Truck Desk with Tablet and Net Book Stand

Price: $323.00
Sale: $274.55
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The most ergonomic auto desk yet to be created by the makers of the best selling auto desks in the world! Customers are seeking more mobility than ever - Tablet PCs and Net books offer just that, and we have designed a desk to incorporate their flexibility with the safety and ergonomics you have come to expect from an AutoExec desk. This specially designed desk has a spring-loaded Net Book holder on an adjustable arm. The arm swings from side to side, and the Net Book holder can be tilted to the most ergonomically comfortable position for you. Adjust it to your preferred position, and then lock it into place with the comfort-grip knob located under the top of the desk. This desk can hold a laptop that is between 8.5 inches and 11 inches wide.

This new desk will give you complete range of motion with your compact laptops while retaining the storage space the Auto Exec desks have always offered.

The RoadMaster Truck Version is ideal for larger vehicles such as pick-up trucks with bench and bucket seats. The desk also fits full sized SUV's and Mini Vans like the Lincoln Navigator or the Dodge Caravan.

AutoExec RoadMaster Truck Desk with Tablet and Net Book Stand - Specifications

  • 26" From back of desk to the front (toward the dash)
  • Desktop is 25" wide from side of desk to the edge closest to the driver
  • Extending arm extend 16" past edge of desk
  • 9" X 6" spring loaded notebook/pc tablet holder opens to hold a 10 1/2" width or smaller notebook/pc tablet
  • Sliding plate measures 12"
  • Storage area under the desk: 13.5" wide, 12" deep and 6" high
  • Hanging file space - 3.25" wide and 9" deep and 12" across for standard size hanging file folders
  • Colors: Dark grey body with light grey work surface

As with all AutoExec desks, this desk will secure in your vehicle with the seat-belt. Fits most trucks and SUV's.

Click here to view AutoExec RoadMaster Car with Tablet/ Netbook Stand